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"To improve the health and well-being of Sonoma County children, including: Increasing access to child care and early childhood education to start kindergarten ready; increasing access to vital children’s preventive health care and mental health services; preventing child abuse/neglect; and prioritizing children impacted by homelessness and trauma, shall Sonoma County establish a ¼-cent sales tax, providing $30,000,000 annually, until ended by voters, subject to independent audits and review by an oversight commission?"

Plan for Spending Revenue

The Sonoma County Child Care and Children's Health Initiative will raise approximately $30 million annually, revenue that will address a set of critical priorities identified by our community. Sixty percent of the revenue will be dedicated to expanding access to child care and early learning in Sonoma County, and the remaining 40% will be directed to support children's health and early development. A local oversight Advisory Council will be appointed by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, composed of parents, experts in children's health and development and early learning professionals.


Based on local needs, the Advisory Council will make annual recommendations about specific strategies to address each area of expenditure to the First 5 Sonoma County Commission, who will administer the revenue. First 5 Sonoma County is an independent public agency that has administered public funding to support programs and services for children, 0-5, and their families since 1998.

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